Custom Cattle Feeding

Simplot offers livestock producers a variety of cattle feeding options based on the latest animal nutrition science and delivered using advanced technology.
Custom Cattle Feeding

Cattle Feeding

Decades ago, the J.R. Simplot Company launched its cattle feeding business to put the potato by-products generated by our food processing plants to good use. We have fed millions of cattle over the years by using our own food by products as part of a grain-based professionally balanced ration.

Advantages of custom cattle feeding with Simplot include:

  • Mild climate year-round
  • Steam-flaked corn and by-product availability
  • Ability to feed pens from 100 to 1,000 head
  • Access to our professional nutritionist
  • Two feedlots to select from

Simplot Land & Livestock headquarters is located in Grand View, Idaho. We have two feedlot management facilities in Grand View and Burbank, Washington.

Cattle Feeding Information and Purchasing Contacts:

Jon Haman (Washington)
(509) 503-8068

Bronc May (Idaho)
(208) 834-2231

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Grand View, Idaho Feedlot 

The feedlot location in Grand View spans 750 acres located 60 miles southwest of Boise. Simplot Livestock Co. feedlot is protected by a natural rimrock and benefits from minimal rainfall and moderate temperatures year-round. With an average annual precipitation is 6.6 inches and an average annual temperature of 67 degrees, it’s an ideal setting to feed cattle throughout the year.


(208) 834-2231

Burbank, Washington Feedlot 

This Simplot Feeders Limited feedlot is located 15 miles southeast of Burbank on 500 acres of land. The feedlot opened in 1968, specializing in custom-feeding cattle since its inception. The Burbank feedlot offers a mild climate with 65 degrees for the average temperature and around seven inches of annual rainfall.

Simplot Feeders is located adjacent to a Tyson® meat packing operation, which allows us to walk cattle from our feedlot to the plant. This increases the value of the animals through freight savings and increase in carcass yield.

(509) 547-8864


Simplot Cattle Feeding Programs  

In every one of Simplot’s cattle feeding programs, our biggest goal is to give you a positive return on your investment. That’s why we focus our resources on the feedlot and on innovative technology and effective marketing practices.

Finishing Cattle

Simplot specializes in the finishing of fat cattle. An individual program is designed specifically to the cattle at hand, but all programs start with a risk management profile to ensure we lock in the feed needed to bring the cattle to harvest profitably.

LL_Feedlot_Feedtruck_Full Color_Photo

Backgrounding Cattle

Through the Backgrounding Cattle program, ranchers allow Simplot to background their calves to 750 - 800 lbs. If you choose to partner with us, we will notify you once your cattle reach an acceptable weight and then re-market your cattle. This gives you the freedom to focus your time and expertise elsewhere while still earning a profit on your calves.

Natural Program

Our Burbank, Washington, feedlot is a certified, third-party verified, natural feed yard. Cattle never receive hormones, ionophores or antibiotics. Those in the industry may recognize this as Never Ever Three (NE3) certified. We’re proud to have this certification.

Back to Grass

For our ranching customers who want their lightweight cattle to be ready for spring, Simplot offers the Back to Grass program. Bring in your calves during the fall, and we will put them on a low-energy ration that prepares them for spring grass.


Replacement, Nutrition and Buying Programs

Simplot offers livestock management programs that respect the time and workload of modern dairy farmers and cattle ranchers. We strive to always partner with integrity, service and value.

Beef Replacement Heifers 

Your beef replacement heifer needs are different than your neighbor’s, not to mention the needs of a rancher in a different region. That’s why Simplot Livestock Company will design a beef replacement heifer program specifically for your needs.

Regardless of the program we develop, you can trust that we properly care for beef replacement heifers at our own feedlot facilities before returning them to you.

Want to learn more about Simplot Livestock Company’s beef replacement heifer program? Now is the time to contact us. No matter where you are in the western United States, our expert team can work with you.
Other Programs

Beyond Nutrition

Simplot is concerned about more than just cattle nutrition. Our feedlot management services also include the following items:

  • Financing: Simplot can provide cattle and/or feed financing.

  • Marketing: Our access to three major beef packers means we can help you market your fat cattle.

  • Veterinary care: On-site vets monitor and care for your cattle.

  • Transportation: With our own fleet of cattle trucks, Simplot can haul cattle to the feedlot and the packer.

  • Computerized animal records: We efficiently monitor feedings and other data to keep costs low and your results high.
Other Programs

Cattle Procurement

A Market for Feeder Cattle

Simplot Livestock Company is seeking quality feeder cattle for purchase. We always pay competitive prices for choice cattle.

If you own choice feeder cattle and would like to sell or partner with Simplot, contact us directly.

Most of the cattle owners we work with reside in the western United States, but we are happy to discuss an opportunity regardless of your location.


CS Beef

CS Beef Packers, LLC, is a joint venture between the J.R. Simplot Company and Caviness Beef Packers, a private, family-owned company headquartered in Amarillo, Texas.

The CS Beef processing plant near Kuna, Idaho, takes advantage of advances in food safety and process technologies to create a processing facility that incorporates the best available technologies to effectively process beef safely and humanely. CS Beef harvests fed cattle, cull cows and bulls from feed yards, dairy farms and cattle ranches throughout the intermountain west. The final product is prepackaged boxed beef that is primarily marketed toward nationwide food-service suppliers and regional retail outlets.


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